Drum Roll Please… Announcing Class Trip(TM): Dubai!

April 7th, 2009 at 4:52 am Posted by 
Dear Students

Well its about time I write a blog post announcing this special occasion. Especially since the first-of-its-kind Class Trip Documentary / Interactive Tour has been online @ classtrip.org for the past few weeks on a sweet Dubai-branded video player (thanks to cleartorch.com) and also on youtube… its about time that I launch the latest IPO— Innovative Public Offering— that i’ve decided to trademark as the Class Trip(TM) Documentary.

Continue on to Part II of Class Trip: Dubai featuring WWAG.

If these videos really caught your eye, CONTACT ME and ask me for a free copy of the DVD 6-Panel Digipak via mail or just send an email to collegestock@gmail.com. Who knows… maybe you could even make a cool $0.25 w/ an unopened copy on ebay then so long Great Recession!!!

Happy Trading, The Dean

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